Check out my video where I go over what is inside of my emergency kit. This is for just short term survival or what maybe would call a 72 hour kit/get home bag or other types of similar kits.

In this video I show you how I stocked this small pouch style bag with a whole lot of gear despite it's small size. I made the video to hopefully help you see that you can fit a lot into a small space for the times you aren't able to carry a full sized pack

Packs & Kits

My Bushcraft Kit, this is the start to my bushcraft survival kit. It has just about all bases covered and I feel comfortable relying on it. There is more I want to add/change, check out the video!

Because I just can't leave well enough alone, I made a little pocket/winter jacket kit using the vanquest pocket maximizer. I am always trying to make whatever I have the best I can, Check it out!

I made this little kit using the Vanquest Pocket Maximizer I got from Never ENough Tactical. Check out the video to see what I put in it!

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Watch this video to see a neat little kit i threw together using a pop lid container i made. i may sell a better version of this soon in the preparedness shop