These bars contain 400 calories each, 2400 in total and has 17 vitamins and nutrients. It has a shelf life of 5 years and requires no special storage. I picked up the apple cinnamon flavor, not sure if they make any others though. It weighs in at 18 ounces (1lb 2 oz), takes up very little space. Below are my thoughts on whats good and bad about this product.


It's very dry

Despite it's small size it is pretty heavy 

The bars chip apart rather than break where they are supposed to

It's really very dry - will need to pack some water!

UST Emergency Food Ration Bars

A Poor Man's Meal!


It has lots of nutritional value

There is plenty to share

It has a pretty good flavor

It is small/compact in size

It has a long shelf life of 5 years

Mountain House - Chicken & Rice freeze dried meal


Very lightweight

Takes up very little space

Easy to prepare

Mess free/no cleanup

Tastes very good

Good nutritional value

Affordable at around $6-8


I honestly can't think

of anything bad to say,

It's good!

This freeze dried meal from Mountain house has 270 calories per serving and has good nutritional value, having a good amount of protein, and lots of vitamins as well. To prepare the meal it only took eight ounces of boiling water poured right into the package it comes in, and then just wait about 10 minutes. I found it to be very good actually, and really look forward to trying other styles of Mountain House's products. If it was served on a plate you wouldn't even know it was a freeze dried meal in my opinion. I can highly recommend this meal for anyone that is interested.

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