1st Person Fishing

How to tie a Palomar Knot


Check out my video going over a fishing kit I threw together that I feel is all you need for any basic kit whether it be a car kit, get home bag, or 72 hour kit. Of course for long term survival you would want a complete tackle box/bag and a few poles.

You can make your own minnow trap very easily by using a empty plastic bottle and some fishing string. Check out my video below to learn how and start catching your own bait!

Man has been fishing since for ever in one form or another. It's relaxing, rewarding, plus some of them are just tasty! In survival situations it provides you with the protein you need to have the enery your body requires to work so thats why it's important to learn to fish in different ways, know how to clean and cook them, and have some basic kits and supplies for when you need them.