Using LiveFire to start a fire

Testing out Fire Cord!

Testing out the UCO stormproof matches. 

Testing out Instafire Fire Starter

Check out my video below to check out my most recent and up to date fire kit. When you are putting your fire kit together some things you need to consider are where you live, for example if you live in a wet environment you may want a more aggressive fire starter and probably want to have a larger kit as well. Same goes for a cold environment, if you are going to be wearing gloves then you need to make sure you can grab your ferro rods and strikers. Check out my fire kit and also check out the videos below showing a few different items and how well they work.

Check out my video showing you the easiest way to make fat wood shavings

Testing the Ugly Stick Matches by Mission: Preparedness

Char cloth is a great way to start a fire, and can be made from just about anything that is made from 100% cotton.

Check out my video to learn more!

Smith's Tinder Box, a super cool way to make tinder for fire starting that you are going to want to own! Check out my short video and decide for yourself...

Check out these fire assist capsules. they are filled with magnesium powder and are powerful fire starters. they will be added in my fire kits soon. you want to watch this video

Micro Tot's made by

Pine Fire!

Zombie Tinder SAR Tin