Uses for Everyday Items

On this page I will show you the videos that I have made to see how you can use normal everyday items in alternative and creative ways! Check back often to see when I add more videos using everyday items!

Check out this video to learn how to use a paperclip in alternative ways! This was the first video I made in the series and found a bunch of new ways to use a paperclip in creative ways. I also searched online for some as well.

Check out my video on how to get fire from a broken or empty lighter!

Making a fire sometimes can be very easy, you can often use items likely lying around your house like a gum wrapper and a battery! Check out my video showing you how!

Check out how to make an air horn from some items you probably have lying around, especially if you have kids. Give this a shot and make your own!

Learn to make yourself a small but waterproof container by using 2 empty plastic bottles. This is a neat little storage idea for everything from meds to small kits!