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My Best Tip on Being Prepared

Don't be in a hurry! Being prepared takes time, that's the first thing you should know. It's not something that you can just knock out in a weekend, or even a month. It will take you years of acquiring knowledge, supplies, and the gear that you will need that is required to be totally self reliant but, it doesn't have to be something that is hard to do though. You can start by doing small things like buying food items that you enjoy eating when they go on sale, with social media it is easy to win a good bit of gear if you put in the time entering giveaways or just asking for certain gifts when holidays and birthdays come around, and picking up a good book such as Fully Prepped? and others when you can is also a great idea. Most importantly is to learn what you can when you can, knowledge is generally free and weighs nothing and the internet if FULL of very good information that is there to be learned for free, so make sure you use it! Being prepared seems harder than it really is and anyone can do it if they are willing to put forth the time, so if you value the life of not only yourself but your family, then start preparing today!



Lock picking is a great skill to learn, it can save you a lot of trouble when you get locked out or loose your keys but it can also help you escape from someone holding you against your will. One more thing that will come to mind as you learn this skill is just how easy it is and that you need to secure your home better.


  Survive, that has been the goal since the beginning...well it used to be. As life got easier, along the way we got lazier and more reliant on someone else fixing our problems. Well, when life happens you will find yourself alone and in need, but don't worry you have the ability to change that and become better prepared for emergencies both big and small, whether man made or natural, you can learn the skills it takes to ensure your survival. So check out my site, take in all the information, practice your skills, and remember...Be Ready!!

Every prepper needs a tool kit with the items you will need the most, not just where you keep everything else but a kit for the tools you will most likely need and use on a normal basis. If you aren't sure what tools you will need the most then just get you a small tool box or tool bag and set it somewhere. Everytime you go to grab a tool that you need, throw it in that box/bag and over time you will have a complete tool kit that has exactly what you need in it.